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 GCSE Set Work Concert: Tuesday 21 February 2023

1.00 pm, The Stables, Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Music Hub joins a brand new professional orchestra, Alina, to present an event designed to provide a unique resource to those studying for GCSE and A-Level Music Exams.

The orchestra, led by Musical Director, Hilary Davan Wetton, will take you on a guided tour through some classical set works – performing the musical repertoire live but also breaking the music down, analysing the key moments, instruments and history of the music to support your studies.

You are part of the event too, so ask questions or request specific repertoire selections.

The event will be offered free to school groups in Milton Keynes schools in year 9,10,11,12 and 13.

All enquiries to [email protected]


‘Band in a Van’

At Alina Orchestra we believe ‘Music is for everyone’ and as part of our dedication to the community, Alina has created ‘Band in a Van’. ‘Band in a Van’ is a small group of musicians taking music to the heart of communities, with interactive concerts that feature popular music and lots of audience participation. 

Band in a Van is currently performing at libraries in Buckinghamshire and is generously supported by the Rothschild Foundation.

Read more about Band in a Van here




Alina Orchestra & MÓTUS Dance present….

 UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 project: ‘Warriors’

The UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 finals took place in Milton Keynes.

To mark this special event, Alina Orchestra & MÓTUS joined forces to create a very special project that combined music, dance and football anthems which was performed in July on a Euro 2022 Matchday in Milton Keynes!

‘WARRIORS’ was a collaborative project for the local community of Milton Keynes which featured specially arranged Football Anthems from the terraces, mixed with dance and celebration of female ‘Warriors’ on, and off of, the pitch from within Milton Keynes. The culmination of this project was performed at Station Square, Milton Keynes on two matchdays and was a fantastic, ‘once in a lifetime’ event that celebrated everything amazing about our beloved Milton Keynes!


GCSE/ A-Level Syllabus Events

As news spreads of the orchestra, we are always happy to support communities in any way we can.

On 22 March, the orchestra was asked to perform a concert of GCSE Music Set Works at Stevenage Music Centre for local GCSE Students. We were delighted to be asked!

Hilary Davan Wetton and Alina not only provided a live performance of the music for students but also explained the music in detail, highlighted key moments and explained the history around the composition of the works. 

Thanks for having us Stevenage Music Centre. 

If you are interested in Alina performing set works for a music syllabus, contact Nick Cutts, Chief Executive, to discuss further. 

[email protected]




Alina Orchestra and Arts for Health Milton Keynes present…


Music4Mindfulness is an inclusive 12-week online programme of support for anyone who wishes to improve their health and wellbeing through an introduction to classical music

 The 12-week programme of videocasts will be streamed online. Videos will be made available every Friday at 10am starting from 30 April on the Arts for Health MK website.

Click here:


#12 The Orchestra

#11 Opera

#10 Dance, part 2

#9 Water

#8 ‘Woodwind’

#7 ‘ A Taste of Spain’

#6 ‘Dance’

#5 ‘Nature’

#4 ‘Myths and Legends’

#3 ‘Music for Strings’

#2 ‘Solo’

#1 ‘Peace and Beginnings’


We are grateful for the support of Magic Little Grants and The National Lottery Community which enabled this project to take place.

For more details, please visit



Previous projects:

Unlocking Imagination: 

Has now finished. Thank you to everyone who took part and everyone who supported the project. 

‘Unlocking Imagination was a free online wellbeing project created by Alina for the people of Milton Keynes which celebrated optimism, positivity and hopefulness at a time where people were  feeling vulnerable, stressed, isolated, angry or frustrated as a result of the events of 2020.

Over the course of 2 workshops, we –

  • Taught participants some dedicated wellbeing techniques to help them find their positive side and put the negative feelings of 2020 behind them.
  • We also asked them to find their creative side and express yourself. We did this by recording a mindful piece of music – ‘Spiegel Im Spiegel’ by composer, Arvo Pärt; asking participants to watch/listen to the video and to return with their own creative responses to the video. 

It was a fascinating project and one that all participants enjoyed, finding mindfulness and positivity as part of the process.

We created a final video containing the original video and all participant responses to the video. It is so inspiring!